Water Quality

To protect public health, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) set the standards for public drinking water quality. These standards require specific action, including public notification, if levels of certain contaminants are exceeded.

To ensure safe drinking water for the public, the water supply is chlorinated. Other treatment includes manganese removal and the addition of sodium hydroxide for corrosion control. Covington Water District's Wellhead Protection Plan helps protect our groundwater supplies from contamination, and ensures a safe drinking water supply for our customers.

Cross Connection Control Program

Additional protections include a risk analysis, a spill response plan, and extensive land use and potential contaminant source inventory, and an education program to encourage our customers to use least-harmful products and best management practices to protect groundwater. CWD also has a Cross Connection Control Program, which requires customers with potential backflow from their private system into the public water system to install backflow prevention assemblies (required by State law), and to have the backflow assembly checked annually by a certified tester.

Water Samples

Each month, CWD draws over forty water samples from key locations throughout our service area, and tests them for the presence of coliform bacteria. Regularly scheduled testing is also done for inorganics, volatile organics, synthetic organic chemicals, radionuclides, and thrihalomethanes, along with other tests as required. Testing is performed by State certified labs, and test results are routinely submitted to DOH, which monitors CWD's compliance with the many regulatory standards and testing protocols required to assure safe drinking water. A Water Quality Report is available online for customers annually to inform them about their drinking water. If you would like a printed copy please call 253-631-0565.

Lead Compliance at CWD

Covington Water District is in compliance with all Federal and State regulations for lead per the 1991 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule.