Emergencies/Severe Storms

Boil Water Advisory

After a major earthquake the default is a boil water advisory until otherwise notified by the District. Read about purifying your household water.

Keep Phone Lines Open for Emergencies

Since telephone communication is always affected during emergencies either by disruption of service or by the thousands of callers tying up phone lines, CWD asks that you not call the utility. The District will keep the public informed over the radio (through local stations) and via the King County Alert system.

Help is on the Way, but it Could Be Several Days

Business won't be as usual, but be assured that the District will be doing its best to repair any damage to the water system. It is likely that some of our employees will be adversely affected by the disaster, so the District may be short staffed. Severity of damage to the Streets and the water distribution system will also be a determining factor as to how long it will take before water service to your area is re-established. That is why being prepared makes extra good sense.

Covington Water District's Emergency Response Plan

The District is consistently reviewing and updating its Emergency Response Plan and has taken several steps to enhance the security of District facilities and to safeguard our community's water supply. Operating in an earthquake-prone region, we have determined which areas would be most impacted by an earthquake, and how to best mitigate that impact.

The District has a number of facilities to operate from. Depending on the severity of the earthquake, operations will continue where possible as efforts to restore damaged facilities gets underway. We have provided ways to get people and equipment to where they are needed, and backup power at the pumping stations to keep pumping equipment running during power outages. As a member of a statewide mutual aid organization we have made connections with other utilities to share equipment and staff, which allows us to respond to each situation more effectively.