Water Availability Certificate

We can answer your questions regarding water availability to properties within the District's service and planning area.

We can also provide information regarding the status of current development projects, engineering design requirements, annexations, ULIDs, water locations as they relate to your project and connection charges.

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Water Availability Certificate

A Water Availability Certificate is generally required by Land Use Agencies prior to issuing a permit or specific land use application. Upon request by the developer, Covington Water District (CWD) may issue a Certificate specifying what changes to the water system need to be made by the developer to serve the proposed project.

The District process to obtain a determination of Water Availability (WAL) is:
  • Download the application form (PDF) or request a hard copy.
  • Return the WAL to the District Engineer who will determine water availability.
  • Provide (fund) a hydraulic model if required to determine fire flow is available, when required by the local jurisdiction Fire Marshal.
  • Ask questions of the District Engineer if requirements are unclear.
  • An appeal may be made to the General Manager and subsequently the Board of Commissioners if an applicant has exhausted avenues with engineering staff.
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