Discolored Water

First, do not be alarmed if you should experience reddish, yellowish or brownish water coming from your tap. The discoloration will usually clear after a short period of flushing your system. It's best to flush your system from a cold water tap, such as the tap in your bathtub. First, you should flush the cold water at a high volume until the water is clear (usually in about 5 minutes or less), then flush your hot water in the same manner. After flushing, if you notice that the volume of water at your kitchen or bathroom taps is less than normal, remove the screens, flush and replace.

Drinking Discolored Water

The discolored water is not harmful from a health perspective, but it is best not to drink it until it has cleared because of the increased content of minerals in the discolored water. It is recommended that you make sure the water is clear before resuming normal water usage.


If the water does not clear within a few hours, or if you are experiencing other problems, please notify the District at 253-631-0565.